25 octubre 2006

Tito & Tarantula - Little Bitch

Tito nació en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, hace más de 40 años. Tres meses después estaba en Alaska, donde vivió hasta los seis años. Más tarde estudiaba el high school en El Paso, Texas; luego vivió un tiempo en Washington para terminar caminando en las calles de la ciudad de México hasta que una mujer lo convenció de irse a Los Ángeles a probar fortuna. 20 años después, Tito Larriva regresa a México, acompañado por su grupo Tarántula, banda de culto en Europa y con admiradores de la talla de Wim Wenders, John Travolta y Salma Hayek, a quien hicieron danzar voluptuosamente en la cinta Del crepúsculo al amanecer.

  • 01. Little Bitch - Everybody Needs
  • 02. Little Bitch - Forever Forgotten & Unforgiven
  • 03. Little Bitch - Crack In The World
  • 04. Little Bitch - Goodbye Sadie
  • 05. Little Bitch - Lady Don't Leave
  • 06. Little Bitch - Lonely Sweet Marie
  • 07. Little Bitch - Crime & Shame
  • 08. Little Bitch - Bitch
  • 09. Little Bitch - World At My Feet
  • 10. Little Bitch - Super Vita Jane
  • 11. Little Bitch - Dead Person
  • 12. Little Bitch - Silent Train
  • 13. Little Bitch - Regresare
  • 14. Little Bitch - Piste 14
  • 15. Little Bitch - Piste 15

Latin rockers Tito and Tarantula were headlined by singer/guitarist Tito Larriva, previously best known for founding the seminal Los Angeles punk band the Plugz. Larriva was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico but spent his early years living outside Fairbanks, AK; his family later relocated to El Paso, TX, where he studied violin and flute as a member of his school orchestra. After high school he flirted with attending Yale University before landing in L.A. during the mid-1970s; there Larriva formed the Plugz, which in 1979 released their debut LP Electrify Me, the first album to emerge from the city's thriving punk scene. Shortly after scoring Alex Cox's 1984 cult classic Repo Man, the Plugz were rechristened the Cruzados, signing to Arista to release a self-titled 1985 LP; After Dark followed two years later, and the group disbanded in 1990. From there Larriva continued writing film music, also turning to acting; with guitarist Peter Atanasoff and a host of other L.A. session vets he eventually formed Tito and Tarantula, which quickly emerged as a major favorite on the local club scene. Among their most vocal supporters was filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who not only enlisted the group to contribute material to his movies Desperado and From Dusk till Dawn but also found small roles for Larriva in both; Rodriguez additionally helped produce 1997's Tarantism, released on the band's own Cockroach label. Hungry Sally and Other Killer Lullabies followed in 1999.

Tito & Tarantula - After Dark

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