01 octubre 2006

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Extra Width

Blues-rock garajero sucio y potente, pero ejecutado con estilo y sofisticación. Aposturas sensuales, irónicas, bravuconas y reivindicativas, y herencias sónicas de los Rolling Stones, los viejos maestros negros del blues, como Muddy Waters, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, Stooges o The Doors, conforman la clásica pero exuberante música de la Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, power trío de Nueva York formado en 1991 y compuesto por el vocalista y guitarra Jon Spencer, el guitarrista Judah Bauer y el batería Russell Simins. El grupo fue creado tras la ruptura de la banda previa de Spencer, Pussy Galore, un conjunto independiente influenciado por los Stones que había sido formado en los años 80. Al mismo tiempo, junto a Cristina Aguilera, su pareja y antigua componente de Pussy Galore, Jon también crearía el grupo Boss Hog.

  • 01. afro
  • 02. history of lies
  • 03. back slider
  • 04. soul letter
  • 05. soul typecast
  • 06. pant leg
  • 07. hey mom
  • 08. big road
  • 09. train #2
  • 10. inside the world of the blues explosion
  • 11. the world of sex
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"After a long and semi-successful tenure as leader of scuzz-rock heroes Pussy Galore, Jon Spencer took his anti-rock vision and hooked up with guitarist Judah Bauer and drummer Russell Simins to create the scuzz-blues trio the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Postmodern to the core, this is an ironic name; little of what this band plays resembles standard blues. There is, however, a blues feel to what they play, meaning that in many instances they appropriate aspects of the blues (very often clichés) and incorporate them into their anarchic, noisy sound. Not part of alternarock's commercial establishment, Spencer also managed to sharply divide critics who tended to see him as either inspired showman or mendacious con man (frankly, he's both). He did, however, gain popularity and critical respect throughout the '90s. Extra Width is a crankin' piece of bluesoid ranting, with Jon Spencer working up one hysterical performance after another. "Afro" sounds like an old Curtis Mayfield track. Similarly, "Soul Letter" is a hefty chunk of riff-muck, as is the noisy bliss of "Soul Typecast." The playing is energetic and unhinged, and Spencer drives the engine with his whoopin' and hollerin'. Plenty of noticeably '70s production techniques add to the atmosphere, contributing significantly to what may be Spencer's best record."

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